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Computer screen monitoring software introduction

    If your company has the following problems, please contact us immediately:

    1. The bigger the company, the more tired the boss, the higher the wages of employees, and the lower and lower work efficiency;

    2. The general manager does the manager's business, the manager does the employee's business, and the employee does his own business: chatting on QQ, watching movies, going to Jingdong, checking Taobao...

    3. Employees take orders and fly orders privately during working hours, which damages the interests of the enterprise;

    4. The boat of friendship is turned over when it is overturned, and the rare talents leave when they say it is gone, and personnel changes are caught off guard;

    5. The documents of the board of directors, bidding documents, price lists, acquisition and splitting, customer information, and financial information do not know how to store them in order to be safe;

    6. Only when the boss is present can the enterprise operate normally.

      Computer screen monitoring software-designed and developed specifically to solve a series of enterprise management problems, a complete set of enterprise internal security solutions. Easily realize real-time computer management and control. You can view employees’ computers in real time and understand their work status; prohibit video, chat and other non-work related software operations, website access, improve corporate management efficiency and employee work efficiency; document anti-leakage function And real-time alarm function, monitor the copy of files, improve the safety of the enterprise; let your enterprise develop healthier and safer, and stand out in the increasingly fierce competition.

  • Computer remote controlScreen monitoring, remote control.
    The screen wall can watch 16 pictures at the same time, click to view full screen and remote control.

  • Chat history monitoringNo password is required, directly control the chat software.

  • Camera monitoringScreen monitoring, remote control.
    The screen wall can watch 16 pictures at the same time, click to view full screen and remote control.

  • Program restricted operationThe program restricts the operation and the website access record.

  • URL access recordURL access records, computer screen recording, clipboard records, file operation records, computer traffic monitoring, mail monitoring software, keyboard monitoring records, etc.

  • Document leak preventionPrevent employees from leaking company information intentionally or unintentionally, and protect the company's information security.

  • Remote file managementMaster all operations on files on the employee side, including new creation, modification, deletion, and file outsourcing and uploading records, and can query the operating time and file path.

  • Behavior auditSwitch machine records, computer flow monitoring, website access records, program operation records.

  • Disable usb interfaceIn order to protect the important files of the enterprise, you can set the USB/U disk on the employee's end to be unconnected/unread/unable.

  • Computer software operationRemote file management, LAN sending broadcast, computer process monitoring, viewing computer hardware information, etc.

  • Multi-management terminal monitoringThe computer installed on the employee side can be monitored by multiple management terminals at the same time.

  • Computer alarm settingsUSB/U disk use alarm, hardware change alarm, and sensitive keyword alarm.