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One-stop foreign trade website marketing platform

Foreign trade website---Combining big data technology, artificial intelligence, search algorithm and social marketing, through intelligent multi-language website construction and Google SEO+SEM technology, combined with intelligent background monitoring and inquiry social conversion, to ensure the number of Google homepage keywords and Annual visitors, a one-stop integrated marketing service platform for foreign trade that effectively promotes the conversion of enquiries.

One-stop foreign trade website marketing platform

Features of foreign trade website:

Foreign trade companies must have their own independent foreign trade website platform, so as to better display the company's brand and services, and at the same time resist the intrusion and restriction of the external environment, and further strengthen and improve their competitive advantages.

1. Big data analysis

He has been studying Google for more than ten years and has used analysis tools such as business opportunity insight, search behavior, equipment, and business opportunity trends to analyze the company's exclusive profile.

2. Responsive website building (more than four languages)

Quickly seize the PC and mobile rankings, multi-terminals are naturally matched, while ensuring the localization of multiple global mainstream languages, and the user experience is extremely high.

3. Guarantee the annual visitor volume

The number of accurate purchasers not less than 10,000+ is guaranteed, the social accounts of chassis users are automatically identified, and business opportunities are intelligently recommended.

4. Keyword Google homepage display

Professional Google SEO + SEM + image drainage technology, a large number of keywords Google home page ranking.

5. Google keyword quality score (8-10 points)

Relying on professional SEM services to solve the problem of ineffective advertising burning money, greatly improve the return on investment.

6. One-stop integrated service (three-line drainage)

Google natural ranking drainage, image drainage, and price drainage; from one-to-one site construction to SEO+SEM premium services to operation and maintenance optimization, the whole process is a one-stop experience, saving worry and effort.

Special offers:¥12888

Foreign trade website  

Let you stay at home and enjoy overseas business opportunities (global exposure, precise inquiry, efficient conversion).

Google bid


It is the world’s largest search engine. Now Amazon has shut down 50,000 stores in China. This is just the beginning. The government encourages small and medium-sized enterprises to build independent foreign trade website platforms (with a special reward of 2 million), through SEO optimization, and local Internet companies, Promote on social media including (Facebook, INS, Twitter), etc.; in order to get the Google homepage ranking, bring more customers and traffic.

Google bids

Introduction to Google

1. The world's largest search engine, 80% market share;

2. Covering more than 200 countries and regions, covering 80% of network users;

3. An average of 5 billion ad impressions per day and an average of 800 million visitors per month;

4. With more than 100 international domain names and more than 100 language interfaces;

Google bidding service:

Bidding: 10,000 yuan (pre-deposit fee), 6% (invoice tax), 30% (service fee), 1,000 yuan (account opening fee)

Total price:¥14600

Foreign trade (WhatsApp) big data marketing system

Foreign trade (WhatsApp) big data marketing system

Foreign trade big data marketing system

1. Precise buyer search system

Positioning in keyword search, according to the precise matching of "country", "email", "telephone", etc., accurate buyer information can be sold in batches with one click. List of buyers from previous exhibitions, buyers on mainstream social platforms (including Fb.Lns.Lin);

2. EMD marketing system

Support mailbox binding, in-depth integration of big data-email-tracking-management and other marketing links, based on the foreign trade cloud platform mass data marketing for accurate email batch sending.

3. AI marketing reach system

Whatsapp mass marketing, matching precise buyer's Whatsapp account, 100% marketing reach, AI simulated manual marketing, more than 20% inquiry response rate.


WhatsApp big data:¥13800/2 account/year